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Guvnor’s working sets

As you may notice, Guvnor has suffered some changes in the last months. Maybe the most notorious feature is the support for FROM/ACCUMULATE/COLLECT patterns, but we are doing a lot of other minor (and not so minor) changes too (I will post about them in the near future). One of the  experimental features that can be found in the trunk today are Working Sets. Imagine the situation were you have imported a model containing 1000 Fact Types (classes). When editing a rule, you will have a lot of Patterns/Actions to choose from, indeed you will have more than 1000 options.  As you can see this could increase rule’s creation time.

What if you could define a subset of related Fact Types? If your model is about Medicine, maybe you want to group all the Fact Types related to cardiology, traumatology, etc. Then you can use just use one or more of those subsets when creating a rule. Well this is what Working Sets are about: a subset of Fact Types that you can use when editing rules.

You could think about Working Sets as different scopes for Fact Types. We will see a simple example to make things clear. Suppose a Model with 7 Fact Types:

Here you can find a screencast showning how to define and use Working Sets in guvnor. In it I create two different Working Sets: Animals and Vehicles. Animals will contain Cat, Person and Dog; and Vehicle will have Car, Airplane and Train. Then I’ll show how Working Sets affect Rule’s edition. Right now, Working Sets are activated by users using the button in Rule’s Editor window. This is just for development/testing purpose, in the future Working Sets will be assigned to users by an administrator.


13 comments on “Guvnor’s working sets

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  2. salaboy
    March 31, 2010

    How hard it would be to add support for entry-points and temporal constraints to the Guided Editor?

    • esteban
      April 1, 2010

      It shouldn’t be that hard. It is very similar to the work we already have done for add FROM/ACCUMULATE/COLLECT support.

      • Peer
        August 4, 2010

        We would be also interested in the integration of Drools Fusion into the Guvnor in order to have a guided definition of temporal rules.

        Does anybody know whether this feature will be implemented in the near future?

        Thanks in advance!

        BR, Peer

      • esteban
        August 4, 2010

        There are no intentions to add this feature yet. You can create a “Feature Request” issue here and vote for it.

      • Peer
        August 4, 2010

        Just done.

      • PM
        August 29, 2010

        (1) Is there any way to fund the support of temporal rules in the guided editor (Guvnor)?

        (2)How much would it pot. cost?

      • esteban
        August 30, 2010

        Please contact to for further information.

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  4. Michael Neale
    April 6, 2010

    I noticed in the video that there is an extra button for associating a rule wtih a working set – that probably is better in the action drop down? otherwise is is heavily crowding the GUI with complex options.

    Also – might be nice to make rules that appear in a certainly category to automatically belong to a given working set – if an admin sets up a mapping from a category to a working set.

  5. esteban
    April 6, 2010

    The button is there just for development purpose. In the popup it opens you can activate/deactivate different working sets. The final idea is that working sets were associated to user’s profiles. This way, an administrator will assign one or more working sets to different users. These users won’t be able to modify this.
    But of course we are in an early stage of the implementation, so feedback, opinions and advices are welcome and appreciated! Thanks.

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