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Drools and JBPM6 Workshops and Training Courses (21/25 October @London)

So, 2 big news in 1 post:

If you are close to London and want to learn about Drools and/or JBPM 6, October could be a great month for you!

First, Plugtree guys are having a public training  focused in jBPM6. This is a good opportunity to hang out with some of the coolest guys from jBPM6’s Community.  The workshop is presented as a 5 days training course from October 21st to 25th. Some of the covered topics are:

  • Introduction to Business Process Management: You will learn how to utilize the different stages of BPM where development is involved.
  • Best practices for effective Business Process Management, and how the jBPM components are more suitable placed into those best practices.
  • Coverage on the different stages in BPM where development is more involved, as well as how is the best way to perceive the software writing work related to running effective Business Processes.
  • Find the complete Agenda here.

If you are interested, please register yourself before is too late!

For more hardcore developers interested in Drools and JBPM6 internals, a workshop will be held by Mauricio Salatino and Michael Anstis (Drools/jBPM core developers) on the 23rd and 24th of October. This workshop is free (as in ‘you don’t have to pay a dime’) and is going to be held in the same place as Plugtree’s training. The idea is that you could assist to both of them!

The focus of the workshop is:

  • General Overview about the tools
  • Distributions and Modules
  • Technology Stack
  • How to setup your working environment
  • How to extend/customize the tooling

Even if this workshop is free, places are scarce. Make sure to contact Mauricio Salatino to reserve a seat. More information about this workshop can be found in Mauricio’s blog entry.

So, you have a nice combo coming up on October: Drools/jBPM 6 High-level and Low-level overview plus the opportunity to share some time (and beers) with Red Hat’s core developers and community contributors!


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