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Mastering JBoss Drools 6 is out

It is a pleasure to announce that Mastering JBoss Drools 6 was published last week.


This book was a nice challenge that Salaboy, Mariano and I decided to take up after Packt Publishing offered us the opportunity.

I, personally, tried to put my 6+ years of experience in this framework to create a book that not only covers the typical topics in Drools (such as DRL syntax, Knowledge Bases and Sessions) but that also includes real-life tips and tricks that most developers implementing Drools will face sooner or later.

The book starts with some of the basic concepts required to start using Drools 6 such as KieBases and KieSessions and then moves towards a complete coverage of the DRL syntax. After Drools’ base concepts are explained, the book moves to some interesting topics such as advanced session configuration, complex event processing and human readable rules.

Interesting topics such as rules troubleshooting and an introduction to the new algorithm behind Drools 6 (PHREAK) can also be found inside this book. The book ends with a chapter dedicated on the integration of Drools in different architectures.

The book is available in Packt website and Amazon.


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